A guide to shooting workout videos for your app

A guide to shooting workout videos for your app

You decided to launch your fitness, CrossFit, bodybuilder, or yoga app - fantastic!

Also, if you are shooting your workout videos for Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, or your website, this guide will help you make good-quality videos. 

Providing a video workout program is the most effective approach for your clients to reach your fitness app's best results possible.

Here are 8 points to consider before you start:

⚪ 1. Location 

Pick your location based on the experience you're taking your user on. 
Imagine what they see on their screen! You can use a white, beige, light grey, or black background that doesn't distract your user from the movement to be performed.

Outdoors or gym:
If you are outdoor filming, choose a cloudy day to have a few shades as possible in the video. 
Filming in a gym may require a permit.

⚪ 2. Lighting

Lighting sets the scene, the tone, the feeling of the user experience you're creating. So once again, start with imagining what you want your clients to see. 

Here's a link to understanding how to create cinematic scenes if you're looking for that super high-quality feel and are shooting in an indoor environment:

For outdoor shooting, the best light timing is sunrise or sunset time.

⚪ 3. Frame. 

Your client is using a mobile app, so that means they're going to watch your video in portrait (like an IG reel format). This is the format you need to film your videos in for your app workout programs. 

So, be aware of capturing your entire movement in the frame. You could also consider filming multiple angles to adequately demonstrate complex movements or shooting at an angle to get it on point!

⚪ 4. Show yourself

Your customers are buying the subscription because they trust your workout program and your fitness approach.
Good to shoot the video facing your customers.

⚪ 5. Right clothes. 
A tight black outfit or blue is the best to wear.
Try to avoid too many stripes on the clothing. It can produce the moire effect, which can create an unnecessary interruption for app users.

⚪ 6.Audio. We recommend you do not use the audio explanation. It would distract the users from the exercise. In the Your Move platform, you can add text to the workout with detailed explanations.

⚪ 7.Video duration. 4-6 seconds is excellent. After uploading the video to the app, the exercise will appear with the loop effect. Just use the settlement such as time, reps, sets, AMOM, etc.

⚪ 8. How to edit the videos?
There are tons of online tools to edit. Our favorite one 

One of the most effective video editors is https://vimeo.com/create