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Create your own
fitness app

Our software allows you to build your own branded App for iOS and Android.

Sell your workouts, yoga sessions, meditations, nutritional advice, courses, group chats and live online classes all in your own app.

Mobile apps lead to more leads, better conversions and customers stick around longer.

Read on to learn why.

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The best experience for your clients & followers

Our apps provide a better user experience for your customers than eBooks, PDFs and websites.

Whether at home, in the gym, or the park, the app will provide your users with your own interactive & video workouts, workout & nutrition tracking, workout schedules with automated reminders, and more. 


Upload your workout videos or use our library
Create workouts with sets and create weekly programs
Create challenges to keep your users motivated
Create nutritional programs
Allow users to track their progress
Style the app to your wishes

Your own app allows for: Stable income with subscriptions & high conversion rates

Our app platform allows for different payment strategies that lead to a high conversion rate.

Multiple plans with different pricing tiers can be created allowing for different pricing strategies.

For example, users of our client can access the app for free but then need to upgrade their subscription for specific programs or to get access to the schedule for online classes.

Payment is available through Stripe, Mollie, Paystack, and Apple, and Google Pay.


Subscription price can be set from $0 to $999.

Own your channel and engage your audience with exclusive content

Own your channel. Share exclusive content such as photos, workouts, and messages.

Keep your audience engaged by sending them inspiring messages and keep them motivated with challenges.

Another benefit of apps is that they are much harder to share than PDFs or videos, preventing unwanted pirating.

Your app
your style

Our platform allows you to adjust text, images, structure, screens, brand, colors, call to action, language. Allowing you to create your unique app that fits your branding and strategy.


We grow when you grow.

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$39.00 /month
Apple (IOS) & Google Play (Android) store submission
Subscription payments
Up to 25 users
Automated upgrades
$99.00 /month
Apple (IOS) & Google Play (Android) store submission
Subscription payments
Up to 100 users
Automated upgrades
$299.00 /month
Apple (IOS) & Google Play (Android) store submission
Subscription payments
Up to 500 users
Automated upgrades
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Apple (IOS) & Google Play (Android) store submission
Subscription payments
More then 500 users
Automated upgrades

Try for free

If you are interested in setting up your own fitness app you can apply here. Or schedule a meeting.

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Frequently asked questions


More question? Feel free to contact us at info@ymove.app.

When I will be charged?

You are charged every month on the date your subscription started.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before you are due to be charged. We will then automatically withdraw your app from the App Store.

What about updates in iOS and Android

Our software automatically updates your app to keep up to date with changes for Android and IOS.

How do you count active users?

Every active user is counted as one. Apps that are offered for free have different and cheaper pricing based upon usage of server resources. Contact us for more details at contact@ymove.app

We are an Amsterdam Based startup with a passion for fitness and creating beautiful online products.

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