Why is a native app the best way to sell online?

Why is a native app the best way to sell online?

As a coach, trainer or influencer, don't miss out on this trend! "3 out of 4 Americans prefer working out from home."

With Your Move we offer hands down the best way to sell your workouts, programs, and nutritional plans to these people: your own custom branded app for iOS & Android.

Why is a native app by Your Move the best way to sell online? 

1. Recurring revenue with subscriptions

2. A better user experience for your customers than PDFs or websites: interactive workouts, always available, workout & nutrition tracking, workout schedules with automated reminders, and more.

3. Own your channel, send push notifications, share exclusive content and build a community so you customer will stay

4. Stand out from the competition with your own branded app, instead of being on a shared platform

5. No unwanted sharing by customers, this often happens with pdf's and workout video's 

There are no setup costs. Just upload your content, pick your styling and publish directly to the app store.