The benefits for your clients

The benefits for your clients


We offer software to help fitness professionals, personal trainers, and Yoga instructors launch their own branded app into the Google & Apple app store with Your Move. 

 Why your own app? Your own app allows you to build a stable passive income, and reach new clients online. And if you are a personal trainer offer your existing clients a guided experience next to your in-person sessions.

 Main features of the app:
  • Automated sign up
  • Workout Programs
  • Workouts
  • Recipes
  • Calories tracking
  • Weight goal and progress
  • Water tracking

Let's dive into the details and BUILD YOUR APP:
All the sections you can change and adjust the way you want it. 
Everything in the app, including the brand, colors, call to action, language, and more!

Signed up guide for your clients:
All the questions are adjustable and can be provided in any language.

App's Workout section:
Workouts can be presented in 2 ways in the app: a full-length video, for instance, a 20-30 min yoga session in one video, or a set of exercises with the possibility of adding reps or time sets per exercise. 
*Complicated workouts like EMOM and AMRAP are supported.
*You can upload your own videos, or use our video library of 200+ exercises.

Workout Programs
Create programs or challenges that fit the goals of your users: 12-week strength training, 10 weeks weight loss, etc.. You are able to program the workouts on a daily or weekly basis.

In the nutrition section, it's possible to add your own recipes, including cooking time, amount of servings ingredients, nutritional value, and instructions. Users can log the nutrients of the consumed recipes with one click of a button

Nutrition tracking
Users of the app can track their daily calories & proteins, get daily water, protein & calories advice, and see how many calories and proteins they've consumed that day.

Logging food can be done by searching a database with foods, adding a custom food entry, or adding the nutritional values of your recipes to their log.

Weight progress
Users can add weight entries that allow them to track their progress over time, whether their goal is: weight loss, weight gain, or to maintain their weight.

Provide your clients with full workout instructions or informative articles. Easy to create any text or blog sections about your fitness experience, workout advice, or anything you wish to share with your clients.

And more!

If you are interested, feel free to reply or schedule a meeting.