Nutrition, water & weight tracking for your fitness app

Nutrition, water & weight tracking for your fitness app

"What gets measured gets done."

Therefore one of the main features of the apps includes nutrition, water & weight tracking.
Allowing you to offer your own custom calorie tracking to your clients and followers under your own brand in your own app (no need for an external service like my fitness pal).

This will allow your clients an easy way to track their nutrition and give you the possibility to keep them accountable without needing to download, install and pay for another app.

Next to nutrition tracking, we also offer the possibility to allow your clients to track their water intake and weight progress.

What is in it?
Nutrition Tracker: 
⚪ Search an external database for the nutritional value of most staple foods and big brands
⚪ One can add custom food entries and search in history
Weight Tracker: 
⚪ Add entries for given days 
⚪ See progress over time of weight changes 

 By adding multiple weight entries, users can see the progress of their journey. 

Water Tracker: 
 ⚪ Calculates appropriate hydration amounts on your customer's body weight or personal goal.