How to turn Instagram Followers into clients

How to turn Instagram Followers into clients

Ultimate guide to follow

For personal trainers, one of the best steps to increasing revenue is to learn how to sell personal training plans online or by personalized app subscriptions.

So how to inspire followers to take action and by workout subscription via Instagram?

The single best-working Instagram marketing strategy right now is: REELS -> To gain followers and convert them to your clients without any costs!

Also, it is the most effective way to reach out to new customers! Daily, a hundred thousand are using reels to find funny and engaging content, so offer funny and exciting videos in Reels, to connect with the existing followers and inspire for action the potential customers -> As its Instagram top boost at the moment.

Of course, no one can replace good IG Stories, but Reels are a more interactive way to reach out to new followers, so go ahead! Just explore.

Most importantly, give your followers a clear message: what are your workout programs or Yoga classes?

Is it to help people lose weight or get fit? Get more muscles? Dissolve their back pain? Are you also providing a nutrition plan?  

This way, you can identify your target audience, write about the problems they care about, and tune your product offering to their needs, therefore, running a more effective marketing campaign.
Put it all together in a direct message!

Plus, to sell your workout plan directly, you also can follow the advice:

⚪   Engage with your followers, comment on their posts! Being friendly and interacting with your potential clients is essential.

⚪   Content is the king; everyone knows it! Don’t forget to share your life story – followers want to know who you are and which life you have behind the pictures.

⚪  Use your client’s achievement to show your qualification and to sell your workout app programs.

⚪  Review from others is the best way to promote your business and manage the sales organically. Tag your existing clients and ask them to tag you back. This is a win-win sales strategy one has to use to increase sales.

When your Instagram grows, it becomes more and more lucrative to start selling online workouts to your customers.

There are many ways to do this, from pdf, ebook to WordPress website. An even better way is to offer your workouts via a fitness app.

Why? Recurring revenue, saving time by automating program  & nutrition recommendations and showing your clients the best user experience.