How to build your own fitness app

How to build your own fitness app

The online fitness industry exploded in the last 2 years.

The online fitness industry has grown so much in the last 2 years due to the Pandemic in 2020, as most companies have started to support online business development, including the fitness and health industry.

If we follow new online fitness trends, most personal trainers, fitness coaches and yoga teachers start creating branded apps and promoting their businesses through new marketing tools.

Why app? 
It is more user-friendly and flexible than using PDFs, E-books or websites. 
The tracking features help clients follow their workout planings and weight loss/growth or mussels gain.

And an absolute win to use new in-app marketing tools such as different pricing strategies, in-app community build, live & groups chats and ect., help to create your clients' engaging and better sales.

If you want to increase your revenue, build a stable fitness business, understand how you can create your own app with no startup cost, understand fitness marketing and how to monetize your business with the Your Move platform is for you!

According to the research Fitness app industry is increasing very fast, so looking at the numbers we see that it is worth investing in it now!

Following the MarketWatch research:

May 04, 2022 (Alliance News via COMTEX) - The Global fitness app market size is anticipated to reach over USD 15.96 billion by 2026, according to a new study published by Report Ocean. In 2019, the fitness and activity tracking segment dominated the market, in terms of revenue.

The global ICT market is forecast to reach 6.6 trillion dollars in 2022 and almost 8 trillion by 2023. The constant growth is a reminder of the ever-rising plurality and importance of technology in today’s society. 

The Your Move builds the software where you can set up a premium fitness or health app for iOS & Android, with your own structure, branding, styles & colors to create something entirely in line with how you want to create value for your customers.

To create your own custom app, you would normally need to higher a team of developers, which would cost around $20.000-$70.000 just to get started. Here you can have your fitness app right away, which would save you time & money while having the benefits and flexibility.
So get to the APP stores within weeks!

How to build your branded app on the Your Move platform without any starting cost?
  1. Branding and main features 
  2. Program and content to offer
  3. Pricing strategies 

  1. Branding, design and main features 
To create your own branded app, you need to understand the type of fitness app you want to provide your clients:
  • Workout app with or without online classes 
  • Workout app including nutrition section and different kinds of tracking systems
  • Nutrition app and activity tracking app
  • Coaching app including own community 
All the sections you can change and adjust the way you want. Everything in the app, including the brand, colors, call to action, language, etc. 

Main Features:

Signed up steps.
Start from the signed-up steps, and create smart guidance for your subscribers to your unique programs.  

For example, a question can be: Which level of training do you have?
The answer- beginner, can bring the user to the programs which signed especially for the beginners. All the questions can be personalized and can be provided in any language.
Branding, design and app structure:
Follow your branding guidance to apply it in your fitness app: add your logo, colors, the font size, background colors, the appearance of the link and more.

Drag-drop elements, including links to external websites, videos, images, and more!
Every section in the app can be easily modified to your fitness business style.
There are no limits to the content structure. You can create as many screens as you want, hiding them in the links and adjusting the main appearance for your clients.

User profile 
Help users reach their goals, including losing or gaining weight, keep track of their workout activity and update their physical characteristics such as height, age and weight.

Tracking system
In the Your Move platform, you can choose different tracking systems for your app, or add them all at once, you design your app up to your client's fitness goals.

Nutrition tracking and recipes
Users of the app can track their daily calories & proteins, get daily water, protein & calories advice, and see how many calories and proteins they've consumed that day. By changing their weight progress, or goal, or activity levels the calorie numbers are regulated automatically.

Logging food can be done by searching a database with foods, adding a custom food entry, or adding the nutritional values of your recipes to their log.

Water tracking:
Users can track their daily water consumption.
In the nutrition section, it's possible to add your own recipes, including cooking time, amount of servings ingredients, nutritional value, and instructions. Users can log the nutrients of the consumed recipes with one click of a button.

Weight progress
Users can add weight entries that allow them to track their progress over time, whether their goal is: weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining their weight.

You can your own recommendation for your clients for loss or gain weight programs:
Your Move calculation is there as default and you can easily change it
We calculate Resting Kcals and then * activity factor + or - goal.
Workout tracking system
Reps and weights tracking system in the workout player.  Automatic reps calculation and weights are now available in the workout player.

Community, live chat  and social sharing 
It is possible to add the Live Chat & Group chat to build your own community and provide subscribers a personalized experience on the Your Move platform.

Keep your clients engaged by sharing pictures before & after and Sharing their experiences; inspire them with different affirmations and motivational quotes. 

Online Streaming as a part of community engaging
Engage and inspire your subscribers to join online streaming classes. These activities will help you to build a community. 

  1. Program and content to offer

App's Workout section:

Workouts can be presented in 2 ways in the app: a full-length video, for instance, a 20-30 min yoga session in one video, or a set of exercises with the possibility of adding reps or time sets per exercise. 
*You can upload your own videos, or use our video library of 200+ exercises.

From now on in the set of exercises, your users can easily switch list view workout player to full-screen view, just by clicking on the button.
Workout Programs
You can create programs or challenges for your fitness or yoga app, that fit the goals of your users: 12-week strength training, 10 weeks of weight loss, etc.. You are able to program the workouts on a daily or weekly basis.

Plus it is possible to accomplish a workout program with meal planning or add an informational article or any type of video. 

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