Costs breakdown

Costs breakdown

All you need to know about the pricing

We will help you quickly transfer your content (workouts, challenges, classes) to the Your Move platform and publish an app for iOS and Android. 

Here is the cost breakdown:

Your Move pricing
We charge based upon active paying users. See details:

App store registration costs
Both Google Play and Apple charge for registering an account to be able to publish apps in their stores:
Google Play: $25 one time fee
Apple App Store: $99 per year*

*We ask our customers to create their own accounts, so there is no risk of apps of different customers causing problems. And also payments that go through the apps are directly transferred to our client's bank accounts.

Payment/ Transaction fees
Google & Apple both allow online payments outside of the app as long as there is no call to action to the online payment. This means that no sign-up links are allowed to external payment methods. It is permitted to offer online payment and in-app payment next to each other. 

Online payment
Every payment provider has different but similar pricing. Averages between 2-5% per transaction, differs per payment type, check the payment providers for details.

For US/EU:
For NL/EU:
For SA:

In-app payment
Apple and Google both lowered their commission in 2021 from 30 to 15 percent for Apps doing under 1 million per year. However, for Apple, it is required to apply for the small business program: as it is not automatically granted.

Google: 15% per transaction
Apple: 15% per transaction

One advantage of Apple & Google is that you are automatically tax compliant with the sales tax worldwide. This is not the case for online payment providers, although, for most countries, there is a high enough threshold that it won’t be a problem in most cases. 

The downside is that VAT/Sales tax is not charged under a certain threshold for a lot of countries. For instance, for most US states under 100.000 dollars, it’s not necessary to pay VAT as an international company. Since it’s an international order, you also don’t have to pay it domestically; however, Apple & Google pay it by default.